May 2020 Edition of the fin Advent News

The 2520 in It's Proper Light

“There are those now living who in studying the prophecies of Daniel and John, received great light from God as they passed over the ground where special prophecies were in process of fulfillment in their order. They bore the message of time to the people. The truth shone out clearly as the sun at noonday. Historical events, showing the direct fulfillment of prophecy, were set before the people, and the prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation of events leading down to the close of this earth’s history. The scenes connected with the working of the man of sin are the last features revealed in this earth’s history.

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Solus Christus - FIN Seminar

December 28th 2020 - January 4th 2021

Geislingen - Germany

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