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December 2020Special Edition of the fin Advent News

Mission Updates

Since 2018 the midnight cry message has sounded throughout the movement. It traveled all over the globe. The midnight cry message challenged the movement to take the next step in following Christ wherever He goes. It is a message that challenged our old belief system as never before. As the message of true freedom from our Laodicean mindset was presented, we saw how this message divides. We saw sisters and brothers, whom we dearly love, refuse to trust in God’s methodology. Many still clinging to their conspiracy theories, nationalism, racism, sexism and homophobia were, and still are, being shaken out. In contrast to the message of true freedom, we saw a message of false freedom entering into the movement, to steal away many from the flock. There is danger on each side of the path as we seek higher ground.

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Hold the Rope - FIN Camp Meeting

 30 December 2020 - 3 January 2021


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Solus Christus - FIN Seminar

New Dates: 7 - 15 September 2021

Engelsbach - Germany

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