FIN or Future is Now is a self-supporting ministry in Germany. We are Seventh Day Adventists who believe in the importance and relevance of the Religious Awakening of 1840-1844 and desire to see these Truth’s renewed within Churches that we belong to, love and support. William Miller, an American Baptist, was the Pioneer of the Advent Movement which spread all over the globe. He studied the Bible word for word and he was given by God, great light from the books of Daniel and Revelation. Because these Truths are of the utmost importance for us here at the end of the world, we here at FIN want to share the understanding and the writings from that era, using the modern avenues of communication, above all bring them to our fellow believers in the Churches. It was from this “Millerite Movement” that the Seventh Day Adventist Church found its existence. FIN is a registered non profit Charity.

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